Diamond Wedding Rings

Stunning Hand-Made platinum wedding rings designed by you, cast in England, sanded polished and diamond set with heart in Liverpool.


Hand-Made Platinum 3mm plain Wedding rings from £280 add diamonds from £21 each inc setting. Have a look at a few examples below and book a meeting.




Hand-made from own gold matching 18ct yellow gold wedding rings.

Platinum 7mm heavy court and 1 carat platinum castle set full eternity wedding ring.

DEF VVS 1 carat grain set wedding ring and flat court in platinum with cut out.

Stunning bespoke and hand-made very beautiful but different wedding rings in platinum.

Simply sumptuous Pink Sapphire ring with hand-made wedding ring in 950 platinum.

Fabulous platinum half carat diamond line and 1 carat diamond ring with a 7mm flat court.

1 carat platinum full eternity wedding ring  and gents 7mm court with lines and knurl effect.

3mm matted flat heavy court with a 1 carat platinum diamond wedding ring.

3mm 18ct yellow gold court set with diamonds and a 7mm flat court in 18ct yellow gold.

1 carat and a custom platinum 6mm flat court with cut out writing.

Natural pink diamonds with DEF VS diamonds in 18ct white gold.

18ct red gold 8mm flat court with cut in lines.

Baguette cut platinum wedding ring.

7mm flat court with a matt center and twin cut in lines and a full diamond 5mm ladies wedding ring.

Custom made platinum diamond wedding ring.

Custom made platinum wedding ring with diamond to fit a vintage engagement ring.

4mm heavy weight 950 platinum court wedding ring.

Double natural ping diamond and DEF excellent cut diamond FET wedding ring.

Princess cut half diamond 6mm flat court wedding ring.

Dare to be different distressed 8mm flat court and a 2mm round in 18ct yellow.2

6mm court and 1 carat ladies wedding ring.

Two colour rose gold and platinum 8mm wedding ring with 2 groves.

7mm court and 5mm half court with 1 carat of diamonds.

Platinum 6mm and 3mm heavy court wedding rings in.

Platinum 6mm and 3mm flat court wedding rings.

1 carat DEF VS diamond 4mm half court and a 7mm flat court with large grove in platinum.

2 carat diamond ladies and 2 carat diamond box set gents wedding ring in 950 platinum.

3mm and 6mm matching court wedding rings with 2 sets of 2 thin lines in 950 platinum.

Brushed 8mm flat court and a shaped 2.5mm high court wedding rings in 950 platinum.

8mm oval heavy court set with 3 diamonds and a shaped 6mm court with 1 carat of diamonds.

1 carat full diamond set 6mm half court with an 8mm flat court with matt centre and 45 degree sides.

2 carat ladies wedding ring in platinum and 6mm flat court in platinum.

18ct yellow 6m heavy court made from previous family wedding rings and new diamond set 18ct.

Castle and court wedding ring made in one piece then cut into 2.

One’s and two’s DEF VVS excellent cut diamond set wedding eternity ring.

3 colour gold Russian wedding ring set with excellent cut DEF VVS diamonds.

5 row 4 carat gents wedding ring with DEF VVS excellent cut diamonds.

Waves wedding rings in 950 platinum and 18ct yellow gold.

6mm 18ct rose gold and platinum court wedding ring and half carat with a sapphire.

Gents 2.5 carat and ladies 2 carat DEF VVS diamond 950 platinum wedding rings

9mm flat court with 3 princess cut diamonds and a ladies 2 carat DEF VVS wedding ring.

7mm matt platinum flat court wedding ring with a middle slot.

8mm flat court with 45 degree sides in 18ct rose gold and 18ct yellow gold shaped wedding ring.

7mm heavy platinum court wedding ring with a lightening diamond set ring.

8mm court and 2 carat platinum diamond set wedding rings in platinum.

1.25 carat emerald cut wedding ring with a platinum and rose gold gents wedding ring.

8mm gents polished platinum flat court with a central groove.

8mm brushed platinum wedding ring with a princess cut diamond and a 2 carat DEF VVS band.

3mm flat court and a fancy 9mm flat court with diamond flashes and rubies.

7mm court and a platinum diamond set Russian wedding ring.

7mm platinum court with a 5mm platinum court with 1 carat of DEF VVS diamonds.

Diamond cut 8mm flat court with 45 degree sides and a 1 carat DEF VVS diamond set ring.


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